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SUNEN Electronic co. ltd. is a professionally manufacturing enterprise and has been applying itself to develop and manufacture that kind of equipment which is mechanical-electronics equipments and varies of automatic controllers used in industry process.

The company built in 1990s and for 17 year-long experience and effort, an excellent team have been found for designing, manufacturing, assembly and service.

The mainly products of the company are many kinds of Feeder, Belt Scale, Screw Scale, Coal Feeder, Powder Feeder, Lost-Weight Scale, Reduce-Weight Scale, Stir Reactor and other Industry process devices, Industry process controller, PLC controlling system. Our clients are usually in these fields like cement, steel and iron, power plant, building material, grain process and fertilizer.

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 Some equipments,like 3NPT parallel girder belt feeder and 3N0405 controller and 3NCF coal feeder and 3NSPF airproof scale and 3NBM belt transit scale, export to some countries.

The company has its production base in SHANDONG Province, WEIFANG area. The location is so close to Ji-Qing(JiNan to Qingdao) expressway that is convenient to access.

The company also has a developing institution in BEIJING city(SHIJINGSHAN District) and has two service branchs respectively in KUNMING city and GUIYANG city in China.

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