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Model 3NSAC0152 magnifies the signal from load cell and transform into a stable simulation and digital signal, make to match various kinds of control system.
Zero scope : 0.8V~+0.8V
Supply of Load call 10V DC, Load Capacity 4 pieces of 350Ω Load cell parallel connection.
Embed input filter.
4 digits voltage output display, 4 digits output calibration: R21
Analog Output:
Voltage: 0 – 5V DC( 0 – 10V DC ) Current: 0/4 – 20mA( 0 – 10mA )(Adjustable )
Digital Output
①Baud Rate: 2400 4800 9600 19200
②Address of Model:
3NSAC0152-485: 0、1、2、3 共4个地址, 3NSAC0152-485B:64、65……127 共64个地址
Resolution: 16 digits( 0~65535 )
Way of Output: Isolated.

Operating Temperature: 0℃~40℃
Guard Grade: IP55

Digital Display: 0.3inches, 4 digits
Installation: Wall
Connection: Terminals, Bolt
Metal Case prevent from Electromagnetic interference.
Supply6: 220V AC, 48~64Hz
Power: 10W Socket: L、N、〨( Phase, Zero, Ground )