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3N-0405 is a device which is used for weigh a control. It can be equipped with many mechanical feeders with such feature as high reliability and easy operation and less maintenances. It provides multiple input/output interfaces for analog, switch and easy to connect into DCS system and PLC system. It can be used in combination or separately。
System Performance:
1、Special industry-purpose chip, high stability and reliability.
2、Password protect parameters,  which prevent data from being randomly changed.
3、Import CPLD from America, VLSI.
4、Ambient Temperature:0℃–45℃.
5、Measure precision: Better then 0.1%.
6、Display keyboard: 8 bits+7 bits LED, keyboard with 22 keys, LED Indicators.
7、Equip with multiple kinds of scales and feeders
…….a  Belt feeder, incessantly feeding  particle, scraps and powder materials.
……..b  Screw feeder, incessantly feeding  powder materials.
……..c  Rotate feeder, incessantly feeding powder materials.
……..d  Loss-Quantity feeder (drop feeding), incessantly feeding very small flow  materials.
……..e  Loss-Quantity feeder,  incessantly feeding powder materials.
……..f   Loss-Weight scale,  semi-incessantly feeding particle, scraps and powder materials.
……..g  Bucket scale,   semi-incessantly feeding particle, scraps and powder material.
……..h  Solid Flowmeter,  incessantly feeding powder material.
……..i  3N-BM Scale, for measuring the materials pass through the belt of conveyer.
8、Analog and switch input/output with Photoelectric Isolation.
9、multi-loop analog and switch inputs and outputs.
10、Pulses input of speed.
11、Start, stop, measure permit, faulty aware functions controlling by outside switches.
12、4~20mm analog input for setting goal flow (fully isolated).
13、4~20mm analog output for current flow send out (fully isolated).
14、Pulse output for accumulative sub-total.
15、Contact output signal of alarm, higher limit, lower limit, run, ready.
16、Switches value input: Start, stop, measure, faulty aware.
17、Data Printer (option)

Technological Specification:
1、Power source:AC220V ± 10%, 30W.
2、Feed controlling output signal:0~ 5VDC.
3、Pre-feed output signal: 0~5VDC.
4、Load cell: Supply :DC10V/120mA;Input signal:0~62.5mV.
5、Outside Goal setting input: 0~20mA / 4~20mA.
6、Current Flow output: 0~20mA / 4~ 20mA.
7、Accumulative Total Pulse output (Contact output): 120V、1A.
8、Contact output: mechanical contact:120V、1A.
9、Pulses of speed input:pulse frequency,0~2500Hz,NPN、DC12~18V.
10、Digital communication:(Remote  control by communication)
—-RS485, communication range:1200m。
11、LED  1 Display: Current Flow XXXX.XX Kg/minute or XXXX.XX t/hour.
12、LED 2 Display: Cumulative total  XXXXXX t,  0~999999 t.

1、Metal case, high reliability against disturbance and shock.
2、Perfect performances, easy to fulfill functions combination on site.
3、Standard 19-inch exterior dimonsion, easy to install.
4、Control a variety of models of feeders and scales.
5、With all needed signals, does not need additional modules and transmitter.
6、Control  different kinds of scales and feeders.
7、With many years experience and more than 20 times improvement and innovation.
8、Module structure inside, quickly and easily maintenance and repair.
9、With the socket for the integrated chip, the replacement can be quick and easy to ensure that future maintenance simple and flexible, not need to take off the circuit boards.
10、All parts built by SUNEN company,  ensures users get long  term of services.