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Continuously and static measuring, long-term stability, eliminate all unstable problems on electronic belt scales.

3N-DBS Twin Bucket Continuous Scale is an ideal device for precisely stable materials conveying measurement. It is perfectly designed for accurately and continuously metering to fragment materials.

1: 3N-DBS Twin Bucket Continuous Scale, is specifically used for high precisely measuring and provides long-term, accurate and stable metering.

2: Poor stability is a common issue of electronic belt scales with conveying belts. Calibration is frequently required in the long-term usage which causes inconvenience and low accuracy. 3N-DBS uses a static measuring principle and ensure auto-measuring during materials moving, with accuracy and stability equivalent to static measuring.

3: Features:

★:Installation Requirements: any position that materials pass.

★:Characteristics: Providing long-term stable precisely measurement (no need to calibrate frequently).

★:Autoadaptation: Automated and continuously tare, conglutination do not affect measuring accuracy.

★:Self-diagnose: Optional configuration of two-level sensor self-diagnose function.

★:Automatic calibration: Optional of full-auto-calibration function, no manual required.

★:Suitable materials: particle, powder, massive and commixture.

★:Accuracy: ±0.25%~±0.1%

★:Yield: 0.5t/h~1200t/h (Transfer flowrate).