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3N-800 Industry Computer 16-Loop feeding system
A:Multi-loop control and low price
B : Control multi-kind of feeders in one controller
C:A variety of control functions

1. Main feature of the hardware is the use of standard bus structure, and the standard industrial computer metal case and waterproof keyboard against dusts, and adopting fully enhanced connector so that the machines in the wiring structure more solid, more reliable contact.
2. It can control 16 loops of equipment (like feeders) that can be controlled in a group or in two independent groups.  The group can be directly set up on controllers.
3. Remote control is achieved by communication with RS485 standard.
4.Different colors for running, stop and alarm status to make users know their work status more conveniently.
5. Dual microprocessors Speed detective board transfer the speed signal into main processor. High system reliability.
6. Password protects important data from ransom alteration, which ensure data be more safety.
7. Flow tracing function: When feeder is running. real material flow sometimes is less than expected because of materials jam up. System will start this function automatically, accelerating motor of feeder and increasing materials flow. Sometimes real materials flow is more than expected because of collapse of the materials. System starts this function automatically and reduce materials flow to be expected. The tracing function makes the result more precise.
(1)General Precision:
3N-800HT ± 0.5%; (Including mechanical and electron)
3N-800TS, 3N-800TD ± 0.5%; ((Including mechanical and electron)
(2)  Precision of Controller: ±0.1%.
(3)Single Feeder Capacity:
3N-800TS, 3N-800TD Max. :240 t / hour
3N-800HT     Max.: 400 t / hour
(4)16 loops of controlled feeders can be divided into two groups. Separately control and not influence each other.
(5)With mill load detector, fulfill a closed loop control with mill load system.
(6)With communication unit, form a network with center controlling room. (RS 485, PROFIBUS)
(7)Optimized design and industrial-grade processor and ASIC VLSI integrate circuit.
(8)A/D weight input signal: 16 channels, 0 – 5V standard signal input, 16 bits of switch input, photoelectric isolation.
(9)Speed detected by pulse signal input,0 – 1200Hz
(10)D/A output:16 channels, 0 – 5V standard signal output,16 bits of switch output, photoelectric isolation.
(11)Colors and high resolution CRT monitor, Chinese and English (SVGA).
(12)Printing report with Chinese (two kinds of reports).
(13)Dynamic and intuitionist, graphics and digital mixed display.
(14)5-window pages information display.
(15)Automatically stop with fault alarm (usually caused by materials jam up). The duration that alarm last before stop could be set on keyboard.
(16)Password protection for important data.
(17)The duration of Calibration and zero procedure could be set according mechanical characteristics and get higher accuracy.
(18)Ton pulse output (the pulse can be used as quantitative controlling signal.)