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3N-CF Fully-Airproof Coal feerder is exploited on the base  of Scale. It meets the some special needs of weighing and controlling and Positive  suppress coal feeding into dynamotor boilers in power plant and boiler in steel plant.

This equipment is suit for varies of boiler coal feeding system. It  has such advantage as simply  structure, easy maintain and feeding continuum and equality and reliable. In  whole running process, not only weighing precisely and also give a lot of  information such as flow, accumulative total and control and also adjust coal federate according real feeding situations.

Weighing Precise:Better than ±0.5%.
Feeding Capacity: 1 – 800t/h.
Belt: Width 500–2500mm,Long 2000 – 18000mm.
Frequency:  0–2500HZ. ( With speed sensor )

Weighing Performance:
Accurate: Better than 0.1%。Input
Load cell: MV signal from single or twice Load cells.
Speed Input: Pulse signal  from speed sensor.
Add up permit: control  add up
Control Voltage:  10  ±5%VDC
Supply of Speed Sensor: +12V/ +15V
Accumulation Display:  LED/LCD.
Communication:  RS485C, PROFIEBUS-DP(Optional).