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Scrow Feeder for Powder

Capacity: ( 1 – 600 ) t/h
Diameter of Screw: Φ150 – Φ650 ( mm )
Way 1:Single screw, Speed vary, Weighing, used for dry powder, Discharging smoothly, prevent from being stuck.
Way 2:Double screws, Upper one work on feeding and bottom one work on weighing, use for common powder, capacity is about 20t/h — 40t/h
Way 3:Three screws, Upper two working on feeding and bottom one work on weighing. used for common powder materials in case of the big capacity.  Its big square of infeed unit, for instance ( 900*1000, 1000*1200, 1200*1400 mm ),  can prevent materials from being stuck and make the flow smoothly.