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3NSS102K/202K Speed Detector

1  3NSS102K/202K is a device that measures velocity, which working surface is induced by moving of ferric metallic object, so it can measure the velocity of gears. It is widely used in some occasions where the rotary speed need to be measured, for instance, in the speed-controlling feeder. Being different form the model 3NSS102K, 3NSS202K should be mounted in the way of horizontal flat installation.
2  Suit for metal parts: &nbsp;iron,steel, cast iron, cast steel and other kind of metal.<br />
3  Effective distance: 0.5 ~1.5 mm.<br />
4  Working Frequency: 0 ~3000Hz.<br />
5  Working Supply: 10 ~16VDC.<br />
6  Wire Cable: red, black, yellow.<br />
7  Principle: electromagnetismet
8  Dimension: